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120th Canton Fair 15-19 października

Data: 2016-10-20

Our company attend the 120th Canton Fair which was be held in Guangzhou, Detailed information as follows:
Exhibition Name: 120th Targi importu i eksportu w Chinach

Exhibition Date: From Października.15 do Października.19 , 2016 ( Faza I)

Exhibition Hall/Add.: Kompleks targów importu i eksportu w Chinach

No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road,

Guangzhou, Chiny

Stoisko nr.: 14.4 F 25

(Nie. 25, F Blok, 4th Floor, 14th Hall)

Some samples was be showed over there: such as steel pipes, tubes with galvanized, steel profiles, GI coils, GI sheet, corrugated sheets, PPGI coils; sheet; corrugated sheet etc. And there are many customers visited our booth, customers had a very pleasant conversation with us. In order to have a cooperation, we left business cards each other. That’s a great exhibition.

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Fax: + 86-022-26287579
Adres: B-502, Zhonghui, Budynek, Lv Wei Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, Chiny